⚡️CYBER MONDAY⚡️Get a free outerwear item when you spend 18,000 yen or more🎁

The popular project is back!

There's no need to add outerwear items to your cart!

[How to get new outerwear for free]

① Add products worth 18,000 yen or more to your cart

②Memo section on the cart screen (For apps, please write your request in the "Special Notes" field.) Enter the first number of the outerwear product name
(Example: If you want a grey shaggy duffle coat, enter "1").
Please enter exactly the correct number using half-width characters.

③We will deliver the outerwear you want along with the item you purchased.

*If you wish to use this offer in conjunction with the novelty campaign (only available to those who purchase 30,000 yen or more),
Please write "Novelty 1" in the memo field. (Outerwear that does not have a number at the beginning of the product name is not eligible.)
*Outerwear from the above collections can also be purchased normally. Please follow the same procedure as other products.
*You can only participate in the outerwear campaign if the final payment amount, including discounts, is 18,000 yen or more.

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